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Welcome to my other website.

That's right when I actually wanted a website that other people could safely view without me ending up on Media watch or in court some stuff had to go.

Basically its all the fun stuff and if you worked out how to get to this site from my family friendly site then you probably are old enough to view this content.

A brief description of the pages is below.

You might find them a bit sick and twisted, but I like to blame that on being half English.  Also While I am designing this website I'm away from work keeping my fever, coughs, runny nose and Mucus to myself so you can go ahead and blame my delirium for most of this current content.

What's New


The Ergot Second Episode has had some stuff added.

For everyone who grew up with dubbed Japanese cartoons.


ROM Girl

General Cartoons from work and every day well the good ones anyway.

A Buxom heroine, Who comes to save the day by making sure everyone has the right ROM Chips. Beware ROM hoarders.

Silly TWOT

Dilbert vs Predator

For the Fans of Robert Jordan's Wheel of time series.

If things couldn't get any weirderfor our favourite engineer.


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