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Here is a page  Dedicated to Robert Jordan's "the Wheel of Time". 

if you have some trouble viewing them try zooming in on them.


A comment on Myrdraal horse colour

Well he does move in mysterious ways.

A joke about a certain horse show presenter and his black fresians

One person who would have no fear of the dark one

Jachim being consoled by his "friends"

explaining where mashadar comes from

Frank Oz exposed

well they are very similar to Nazgul

Here comes the new book

A fishing joke

How else do you get around

there is room for nerds in the WOT universe

maybe there are heaps of them

you get bored at a mine

the Myrdraals have a point, I bolt to the surface anytime there is something wrong with my air.

Ok I got bored in Optics

If Scott Adams was Born a Trolloc

What Happened to the last Cook

What your Pet Rat gets up to when you are asleep.

want a warm bath?

An alternative lifestyle for Draghar


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