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That's Right I HATE Elves!

They are pathetic weaklings and must all be destroyed!

When one of my friend's made me role play as an elf because they they desperately needed a sorcerer but I wanted to be a Mighty Orc. I decided to have my revenge by being the most "elflike" elf possible. I called him "Oki O....(this name is quite offensive if you understand Japanese)".

 He has never set up a tent because that was too dirty! Neon tetras would attack him and win. He is Vain and narcissistic is frequently seen kissing himself in the mirror.

Here is he chronicling of my quest to do unto my elf Character as I see fit. 

One team member (who was also an elf) he tried to kill Oki repeatedly...If you are reading, this page is for you.


First Clay Head I think he looks a bit scary and mean, perhpas a Hugo Weaving Elf?

Remodelling make him a bit softer

Preparation for a two part mold

Getting plastered on the Queens birthday!

Layer upon Layer

Pastered Oki Lying down on the back steps

Oki Comes Out!

Recycling the clay

Making a former

Looking a bit like David Bowie from the Labyrinth

Looking even more like David Bowie



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