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Here are some Cartoons. So from SFI some from the Office.

If you have some trouble viewing them try zooming in on them.

I think this sums up ethics training so simply

Thinking about getting Security cleared think again.They even want to know where you were as a baby, but then again I did work with a relative of Tim Brooke Taylor who had a baby army on the goodies.

AVP was released around the same time as the 2004 election.

I've heard too many negative stories about American express. I did this cartoon for a Co-Worker.

When the rail signalling company I worked for wanted a name for it's new monorail control system, I couldn't help myself. Pity Mr Lyle J. Must have watched the "monorail" episode of the Simpsons

Jonny Young's "near Miss"

This was done soon after fatal shark attack in WA. As I was into Shark research at the time I always thought it would be a bit of a waste to simply "shoot" the shark.

Sadly I think this applies to many Public Projects.

IT actually happened to the Guy I did the Cartoon for.

He Had to Say it!

Fortunately I'm a woman so I can make this type of joke!

And if horses had Access to the internet! Right now I've got a reoccuring cold So far it looks like I've got TB.

Beware the Cards, and the Nerds

Sometimes the horse is smarter than you

You alway's need on of these Guys, The freak who can read raw code!

Bobafet also used to work for Q in THe James Bond Films. Where else do you think he got the gadjets

This is my breadmaking machine too. Bread is good procrastination food.

Enough said

A coworker told me about this story.

The Master Strikes again

Yes one must be careful how we say things after our horse riding trips.

Yes so much for a dress code

Boba fet also worked with DR Who

I wonder if this works?

One day I went to Bundeena in NSW, that day a fisherman was swept of the rocks and never seen again. Hence Rock fishing is known as one of the most dangerous sports.

Love to do this without the waves

A bit of Role Reversal

when buying pet fish be careful!.

This explains a lot

This is how your beginner's horse is chosen at the riding school

They don't admitted it but they do worship the plane.

I'm conviced that this is what happens to anything you send with a "Escort"

Here comes the Second half of that delivery!


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